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Friday, August 19, 2016

Therapy Plan: Back to School Books!

Well hello there! I've taken a much needed blogging break this past year.... I had a baby! A dang cute one at that! I'm a little biased, but c'mon.. those blue eyes?
Mr. Henson will be one years old on September 1st -  I figured it was time to get back into the swing of things! So, here we are. Back together at last. Did you miss me? It's okay, I missed you too.

Anyway, lets chat about back to school! I don't know about you, but I cringe when I see back to school commercials and school supplies in target in JULY. Come on people, It's JULY. Then, August comes around and I find myself giddily planning therapy and reorganizing my therapy room in my head.

Here are a few therapy ideas to get you started for the first few weeks of school! (this post contains affiliate links for convenience)

Let's talk about speech contracts.  Have you used them in therapy? I LOVE SPEECH CONTRACTS! It's a great way to get the students involved with their goals and objectives. I also have the a signature line for the parents and teachers. We are all on team (enter student's name here) so let's all work toward his/her speech-language goals! I always ask my students "Why are you in speech?". It always shocks me how many students don't know what they are working on/why they are in speech. Now that's on me. I need to ensure these students are aware of their speech and language goals so they don't forget about their goals the second they walk out of the speech room.
Take a look at the speech contract below:

I have them available in my Back To School Speech Survival Kit that you should probably take a look at if you know whats good for you. You can find it at my TpT store, HERE! 

How have you planned for back to school? I am secretly counting down the days! 

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