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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Madness Round Up!

It's March Madness Time!!!!!! Probably my favorite time of the year besides football season. And my birthday. Oh! and summer vacation. And Christmas. Ok, so it's ONE of my favorite times of the year!

Since most of my caseload is made up of boys, I love doing themes that involve lots and LOTS of movement! March madness is no exception.

I usually have a small basketball and hoop that I use as reinforcement for correct sound productions, correct answer questions, good behavior, etc. However that hoop has since been broken, so it's back to the good old fashioned recycling bin and recycling paper. The kids actually seem to find this more fun!

Here are some of my favorite Teachers Pay Teachers Items to use during this fun time!

This free Barrier Game from Denise Polley of Speech-Language Pirates is great for most anything with your students! I have used it with pre-school kiddos for spatial concepts, following directions and articulation practice! For older kiddos, we used target cards and they got to progress through the board game portion in order to score points. They thought this was a blast and I loved the data collection moments! Go grab it!

This amazing March Mayhem Word Bracket Unit from Schoolhouse Talk is one of my favorites! I use this with both artic, language, fluency and social skills kiddos. The unit is designed for use with articulation students. It works in a head-to-head type fashion with brackets arranged by target sound. Great for paired up work while you're taking data on another student but it is also great for listening in and obtaining data! For my language students, I have them describe and define the items instead of verbally producing them. For fluency kiddos, they have to use a fluency strategy, or practice stuttering on the presented items. For those students working on social skills, I have them either initiate conversations with a peer based on the items (more for the higher functioning kiddos), or we have worked on turn-taking in conversations as well.

I love this Slam Dunk Perspective Taking  freebie from Speech2U! This game is fun and engaging for those high-functioning students needing social skill support. I have even had my articulation students read these social scenarios aloud in order to practice their sentence/oral reading level articulation. It's a win-win, really.

Do you use any March Madness-themed games/products in your room? If so, comment below, I'd love to add to my repertoire!

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