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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine's TPT Freebie Round-Up

Well hello there! Today I wanted to share some awesome Valentine's freebies I have been using this Valentine's week in therapy! With a little shameless self-promotion of course.  Sidenote: Can we please band together for the greater good and teach our students to say valentiNes? Instead of valentiMes?? Sometimes I've spent a whole session teaching kiddos how to say the word. Rant ended.

Lets get to the good stuff, shall we?

How about we get the shameless self-promotion part out of the way. Here is my Valentine's Irregular Past Tense Verbs freebie! It's No Print which means you can use it on your tablet or smartphone! 20 sentences containing different irregular past tense verbs are included with 3 answer choices per sentence. A data sheet is also included for you to print out and keep track of your kiddo's progress!

Next up is Happily SLP's Valentines Inferencing! This freebie includes 12 different Valentine's-themed written scenarios to target inferencing! 

I love this bilablial and alveolar articulation activity from Lauren LaCour called Love Bug Preschool Articulation.  It's a fun little game with wild cards that works for one-on-one or small group instruction with preschoolers! There are even blank heart cards to make it more individualized for your students.

I can't wait to use this unit from Speech Made Simple, Valentine's Day Compare and Contrast. This is a tough skill for kiddos on my caseload with a language impairment. This unit contains 2 Venn Diagrams and a coloring worksheet that can easily be sent home as homework. Great for some independent work while you are taking data with other kiddos in a group! I'm excited to use it!

I am so excited to use this Valentine's Conversation Starters from Home Sweet Speech Room! There are 21 conversation starters sure to liven up any speech session! I plan on using these during social skills instruction AND at the beginning of every session this week to assess conversational articulation and language skills!

This adorable Valentine's Robots (R and R Blends) Activity from PSST Let's Talk, has already been a hit in my room this week! I printed out multiple copies of the blank robot cards and had my kiddos create their own robot /r/ sentences to practice at home for homework! 

Speaking of homework, my last but certainly not least is Action Articulation Valentine-Themed Homework Sheets from SLP 701! These are great for quick little activities to easily get some data and to send home for homework practice! 

I hope this round-up helped you with some quick, easy and FREE Valentine's activities to use for the rest of the week! Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Whitney!! So glad you like the activity and are able to use it with your students :) I will definitely be trying out your irregular past tense verbs freebie as well as some other great activities you listed. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for including me! I appreciate it!!

  3. Thank you for featuring my "Action Articulation" freebie!!!