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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cold Weather Activities

Gosh it feels good to be back. This year has been one of those years where everything seems to hit all at once. But I'm excited to be back in the blogging world. Watch it, blogging world... (lets pretend that last part didn't happen).

ANYWAY, we don't have a lot of snow here in Texas (or any snow at all, I should say). Growing up in Canada, I miss the snow! Although it definitely has been "cold" the past few weeks. This "cold" weather translates itself over to my speech room. Here are some of my favorite cold weather activities:

1. Ivory Soap Snow:
Shout out to Activity Tailor for trying out one of my snow activities. You can see her blog post on it HERE!

2. Speech Snow:
We had lots of fun making Snow Slime! Even my reluctant sensory kiddos took some risks and played with the snow slime! You can check out my previous blog post on it HERE!

 Don't forget to download the freebies I created for the snow slime recipes. They can be found at my TPT store, right HERE!

I love Robert Munsch stories. They are great for the younger populations. They are repetitive and almost have a sing-song quality, which really gets the kiddos engaged. Here are some great cold weather stories from Mr. Munsch:

1. 50 Below Zero:

There are tons of youtube versions of this story, you can find them HERE!

I have created some comprehension questions for this story.. go check them out at my TPT store, HERE!

2.Sneezy the Snowman. I can't get enough of this book!  I used it last year as well.

HERE are some free articulation cards I created from the story and HERE are some hot and cold comparisons. This book never fails!

Let me know if you tried any of the activities! Did your students enjoy them?

Happy January!

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  1. I have the hot/cold activity, but don't have the book....yet!