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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Homework Linky Party!

Welcome to my first Linky Party!!!!! Today's topic: Summer Homework. How do you target speech and language goals during the summer months. Do you create your own homework? Email parents? Set up a website with links?  Share your secrets with the world! 

Here's how you can link up! Write a blog post about how you target your kiddo's speech and language goals during the summer months. Then, link up below using the image above!

Here is my Summer Speech Club Homework that I will be sending home with my student's working on articulation goals:

Be an exclusive member of the Summer Speech Club, complete with your student's very own membership card! It's easy to be a member, simply, complete speech homework and viola, your in! 

This unit contains:
-Summer Vocabulary Word List by Articulation Sound
-Summer Vocabulary Word List by Phonological Process
-Speech Club Member Cards – Create your own member card!
-Cover Page for Homework Packet
-1 general articulation page
-1 general articulation page sentence level
-Summer Fun Articulation Story
-4 Articulation pages targeting:
R vs W, S/Z, L, Vocalic R, R Blends, S Blends, L Blends

You can apply for summer speech club membership at my TPT store, HERE

Link up and join the party, below!

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