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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Robotic R Words

Happy Saturday night! Most people are out having a great time, I'm hanging out, watching basketball and creating TPT units. Just living the dream! Tonight I created an articulation unit for those wonderful Rs. (hopefully you can sense the sarcasm). You should add this to your cart and save it for the upcoming TPT sale!!!!

What's included:
204 robotic r words target cards, specifically: 
-48 prevocalic /r/ word target cards
-48 /r/ blends target cards
-18 vocalic OR target cards
-18 vocalic AIR target cards
-18 vocalic EAR target cards
-18 vocalic AR target cards
-18 vocalic IRE target cards
-18 vocalic ER target cards

How to play:
Print out all cards, cut and laminate. Print out the Point System page to use for game play. Put all of the cards in a pile, each player draws a card and practices their target /r/ words. This can be played in a "war" type of game where two players each draw a card, produce the target word, then according to the point system, one player "wins" that round and earns all of the cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game, wins!

You can find this packet at my TPT store, HERE!

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