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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Speech & Language Easter Egg/Treasure Hunt!

Hi!  Today I wanted to share an activity that I hope you will be able to use with your entire pre-elementary and elementary caseload!

This activity can be used to put in plastic Easter Eggs to create a speech and language Easter egg hunt! This can also be used year round in a treasure hunt This packet contains 14 target cards for the following:

ARTICULATION & LANGUAGE: (70 cards, 5 blank)
Who am I? Language concepts arranged by articulation sound:
1.Prevocalic R
2.Vocalic R
3.R blends
4.S all positions
5.L all positions

PHONOLOGY: Pictured Cards (70 cards; 5 blank)
3.Syllable Reduction
4.Cluster Reduction
5.Final Consonant Deletion

LANGUAGE: (42 cards, 3 blank)
1.Who Am I? cards for the articulation words.
2.Following Directions

I hope you will find this useful with your entire caseload! You can download this Speech & Language Hunt from my TPT store, HERE! 

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