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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Picnic Artic

I don't know about you, but once the sun starts shining and the grass turns green, I want nothing more than to pack a blanket, basket, some food and head on off to the park for a picnic. I wish I was kidding, I'm seriously a little obsessed with picnics, ask my husband. But back to the kids, I had to create a picnic artic packet to add to my picnic week coming up in May! Complete with picnic basket and beautiful Texas weather. I can't wait! 

This picnic artic activity contains:
-24 picnic/bbq related items, both food and non-food items.
-sentence level sheets for: 2 /s/ sound, 3 /r/ (prevocalic, vocalic, blends),
1 /l/ sound, 2 blank to create your own.
- 6 game cards (ie: put your cards back, take another turn)

Ways to Play:
Print out multiple copies of the plate mats, one for each player. Print, cut and laminate all cards.
Using the sentence level sheet according to target sound, the student must request items to add to their plate by correctly produce their target words in the sentence. The player with the most food on their plates at the end of the game, wins! 
You can even add your own therapy target cards to the picnic artic mats to make silly picnic requests!

This activity can be found at my TPT store HERE :) 

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