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Friday, April 4, 2014

Freebie Friday: SLP Signs

TGIF! What better way to celebrate Friday than with a quick and easy freebie!!

As you know, being a school-based SLP is CRAZY busy. I have always used the "Where am I?" signs outside of my door for the kiddos/teachers/principals/etc. to see where we are during our busy day. Often things will come up and I will not have time to notify teachers/students that the speech session is cancelled. I have trained my students to look at the sign outside of my door and if it says anything but "I am here" then they are to return to class immediately. This has worked out very well, despite the few times I had forgotten to switch it to my correct location.

I also use some signs to tell students and teachers that I am testing and "please do not disturb". I included 10 signs total with 5 variations of each kind.

Here are some of the signs:

Since your day might not be exactly like mine, I'd be MORE than happy to personalize the signs to fit what your day looks like! Email me at if you would like some personalization for the nation!

Download these signs for free at my TPT store, HERE!

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