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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bright Idea: GO NOODLE!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post for your convenience. 

Well hello there. Have you heard of Go Noodle? If so, then pat yourself on the back because you rock! If not, you still rock, but there is so much to learn. Have a seat, let's chat.

Go Noodle is a website that is free to join and is jam packed with amazing academic-based brain breaks that get your student's moving, jumping, and learning! I walked into one of my kindergarten rooms and the teacher was using Go Noodle. Her class was literally running during the Math Marathon game while simultaneously yelling out the answers. For example, on the screen flashed " Is 10 bigger than 4" and everyone had to answer correctly (while running) before they moved onto the next question. It is very cute and such a great way to get those bodies moving and get blood moving to their brain. Best of both worlds, really.

I sat down, created an account and was amazed at the the things we (SLPs) can do with this website! Here are a few of the things I have used thus far:

Body Spell: The best part about this is you can customize your vocabulary! I've used this with my preschool kiddos recognizing letters and their names. For my older students, I've used this for articulation, entering their target words as vocabulary and watch them spell out their target words. It's a great way to get some data, but also have fun! Just beware, Body Spell spells out each word twice, so if you fill up all 20 words for vocabulary, you will be there a while.

FREEZE: Okay, this one is awesome. Might be my favorite. You can use this for reading sight words/target words, but my favorite of them all is.. (drum roll please).... recognizing emotions! This is so great with most of my kiddos with social skills goals. Essentially there is music and you dance until it stops and "FREEZE" flashes across the screen.

Have you used Go Noodle? If so, how? Did you like it? If not, GO DO IT! You won't be disappointed :)

Hope you are able to use this Bright Idea!

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