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Friday, March 7, 2014

Bright Idea: Story Cubes

Soooo have you heard of Rory's Story Cubes? Im sure you have. Did you know they are super cheap and well worth it? Well, they are!
 Okay and seriously, they come in the cutest little bag!

Now for the important information. Here are a few easy ways to use them in therapy:

ARTICULATION: For those students at the phrase level, pair target words with a picture from the dice for a silly phrase; extend it to sentences for those kiddos at the sentence level. Easily roll the dice and have students create their own story using their appropriate speech sounds at the conversational level.

FLUENCY: Roll the dice and use each in a sentence or create a story while using specific fluency strategies. Or through negative practice, have the students create their own sentences using "bumpy" vs "smooth" speech.

LANGUAGE: Simply roll the dice and create your own story with the pictures on the dice! Use the templates below for guidelines. These could also be used for describing and defining the pictured items (function, feature, class or the Expanding Expressions Tool).

WRITING: Using a graphic organizer, these story cubes can be used as a writing prompt using the "Somebody Wanted But So Then" organization of a story. They could also be paired with a picture and the student must make an association between the two.

SOCIAL SKILLS: Take turns creating a story or a sentence from the rolled picture dice. Practice eye contact by having the students tell each other about the pictured items. They can be used as conversation starters during social groups as well.

ASSESSMENT: I thought these would be a great idea to use with older kiddos for a language sample during assessment or reassessment. These could also be used to ensure maintenance of a specific skill (artic, grammar, etc.) during self-generated sentences!

Clearly this list is not exhaustive, the possibilities really are endless for these things!

Here is a video of a quick story example of how the cubes can be used:

Here are how some other SLPs are using story cubes:
Adaptive, Flexible and Versatile Speech Therapy  created this awesome freebie to go along with the picture dice! Check it out HERE!

Sublime Speech has these amazing free templates to use as well! Check them out HERE

Want to make your own? Check it out!

Hopefully you can use this Bright Idea!


  1. Hi! I'm glad you can use my freebie! Thanks for sharing it with your readers and linking to my post :-)

  2. I have these cubes and have only used them for making stories. Thanks for sharing other uses for them. :)