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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sneak Peek Into Next Week: Feb. 24th - 28th.

Happy Sunday! Welcome to another edition of sneak peak into next week. The next few weeks will have an ocean theme. There are so many fun crafts, cute books and amazing vocabulary to use for this theme. Next week we are going to read the Pout-Pout Fish! This is a kid and SLP favorite. Here is how I plan on using it:

HOW CUTE IS THIS? The Barefoot Teacher has the cutest extension ideas for the ocean theme. Check them out! I LOVE this pout pout fish craft that I plan on using for:
 1. Social Skills -(emotion identification, answering social scenario questions, happy vs. sad, perspective taking, etc.)
2. Articulation - Target words on Mr. Pout-Pout.
3. Language - vocabulary words, describe and define, writing sentences or retelling the story including details.


While using the craft above, I plan on using my freebie companion unit  for homework and target words for vocabulary, context clues, discussions questions and more.

For those kiddos working on articulation, I plan on using my freebie articulation unit for contextual practice. For fluency, I plan on having the students self-generate a sentence using their appropriate fluency strategy, or through negative practice, practicing their "bumpy" speech. They can write these words/sentences on their pout-pout fish craft shown above.

 There is a sneak peek into my next week! Thanks for stopping by!

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