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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sneak Peek Into Next Week: Feb 10th - 14th 2014

Welcome to the first installment of my "Sneak Peek Into Next Week" series! I usually plan my therapy out week by week so why not share it with the SLP blogging world! Most of what I will be using will be my own materials (shameless self-promotion) but not all of it! Since Friday is Valentine's day, here is what I plan on using and how I plan on using it.

Literacy: Love, Splat

Love, Splat
I am going to use the speech & language companion unit from my TPT store for lots of my kiddos next week. Specifically, for those working on social skills (social skills questions included), articulation (words from story arranged by sound) especially the data sheets, and language (comprehension questions).  I plan on adapting this story and using it with my preschoolers, asking WH questions, Yes/No questions, cloze procedures and open-ended predictions.

For those kiddos working on written communication and making text-to-self connections, I plan on using this freebie found at Teachers Pay Teachers from Polka Dots Checks and Stripes.

How about this adorable "craftivity" from Herding Hearts in First Grade. Complete with template! I plan on using this with most of my kiddos, having them write down valentines articulation words, create their own poem or describe and defining for language. For my few fluency kiddos, we are going to write a poem and have then use specific fluency strategies while reading them. Easy Peasy!

 I am going to use these silly articulation poems for practice and print some out in black and white to send home with the students for homework. Each heart-shaped target card has a picture + text, so I plan on using it with my non-readers as well.  Find this product HERE.
I plan on using these No Print Valentines Tongue Twisters on my iPad for those kiddos to practice while I am NOT working with them specifically. Not only are they motivated to practice, since it is on the iPad, but it keeps them busy while I am giving some individual attention to one of their peers. 

There ya have it! A Sneak Peek Into My Next Week!  Hopefully this will help you plan your next week! Happy Valentine's week! 

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