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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gardening for Language

With spring coming sooner than later (hopefully!) I wanted to create some spring-based products. Welcome to the first edition of my Gardening Series: Gardening for Language.

This unit contains the following:

– 72 word cards to create sentences
-1 point system sheet to add up points per card.
- 1 sentence mat
How to Play: Separate the cards into piles. Print out a sentence mat for each player. Each player takes turns drawing cards from the respective piles. The player can create their own sentence from as many or as little cards and he/she chooses. The sentence must make sense to earn points. The student with the most points at the end of the game, wins!

24 pictured items with fill-in-the-blank
sentences to target:
- he/she/they (12 cards)
- his/hers/theirs (12 cards)
How to play: Print all of the cards and put them in a pile. Have the student fill-in-the-blanks to assess their use of pronouns.

6 category flower pots
18 pictured target cards
How to Play:
Print all of the cards and flower pots.
Have the students sort the pictured cards into their respective flower pot category.
Lay out the flower pot categories and have the students name at least 3 items for each category.

You can purchase this unit at my TPT store, HERE!

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