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Monday, February 10, 2014

Bright Idea: Mailbox

Well hello there. On a recent (and frequent) trip to Target, I found this adorable little mailbox in their $1 section for Valentine's day. One dollar. I know, right?
Yes, those are the pink walls of my storage closet office. Please contain your jealousy.

ANYWAY, here are some ways I plan on using this multi-functional $1 mailbox.

1.) Valentines Day - The mailbox could be a way to send/receive Valentines between peers (I smell a quick and easy DIY Valentine's therapy idea!). You could easily incorporate wait time, or using a carrier phrase to correctly request the opening of the mailbox with appropriate articulation.

2.) Written Skills - Why not use it for it's original intention! The mailbox could be used for a pen pal type of activity. The kiddos could write a letter and put it in the mailbox to be "mailed" to their pen pal.

3.) Community Helpers - This mailbox can easily be incorporated into a Community Helpers theme. Practice being a mail carrier and discuss social skills needed (ie: greeting people, problem solving if someone doesn't receive a letter on time).

4.) Daily mystery - Create a think aloud passage and at the beginning/end of every session pull out the daily mystery and the kiddos have to guess what it is! OR, have a picture card in there and one student has to describe the object and the rest of the group guesses what the mysterious object might be!

5.) Unthinkables - Have your students write a letter to an unthinkable (social thinking curriculum) about how they can be defeated. Or perhaps the students can write a letter to another student about how to defeat certain Unthinkables?

The possibilities are endless! How would you use this mailbox in therapy? Comment below and I'll add some more ideas to this list!

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