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Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School! - Speech Data Folders

It's that time of year again... Back to school!  We have technically been back for over a week, and it's been great! This year, I have revamped the way I use student speech folders, including having them collect their own data. At least that is my goal for this year: student-led data collection. I am planning allowing them to record themselves on the ipad and then listen to it and determine how they are progressing on their speech goals. I created a form to use where they can color in their own levels for each session.
Finally, I created a speech contract which I have been using with all of my kiddos from Kinder through 5th grade. We discuss that a contract is an agreement and that by signing the contract, we are agreeing to work hard and together to achieve their speech goals. Included on the contract is student's goals, how he/she will achieve the goals and signatures lines for the student, parent, teacher and SLP.

Here is the speech contract I created!

Here is the data form I am using in their speech data folders!

Here is the form I am using for parent communication in the kiddo's speech folder!

Hope you enjoy!

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