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Monday, January 27, 2014

Love, Splat Speech & Language Companion Unit

Happy Monday! Well. Monday's aren't usually that happy, I know. But they are when there is a new product involved! Or at least we can pretend ;).

Today I wanted to share with you a companion unit I made for one of my favorite Valentine's books, "Love, Splat" By Rob Scotton. There are a variety of teachable moments that occur while reading this book, I couldn't resist creating a unit to capture some of them. This unit includes:

-113 Articulation cards containing words from the story arranged by the following speech sounds:
1.Prevocalic R   2. R Blends  3.Vocalic R   4.S/Z     5.S Blends    6. L
-12 data sheets; 2 data sheets per sound
-2 speech homework pages
-12 comprehension questions
-7 social skills questions
-1 blank to add your own

-2 language homework pages

You can purchase this unit at my TPT store HERE! 

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