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Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Phonology Unit

Happy Cyber Monday! I wanted to quickly add this to the sale, so you can get it at a discounted price! This is a Christmas-themed phonological unit:

1.Target Cards: 29 cards each for the following processes: Stopping, Fronting, Final Consonant Deletion, Syllable Reduction, Cluster Reduction. 1 title card for each process for organization.
Sentence Mats: 2 sentence mats to use for kids working at the sentence level.

2.Build your own snowman – Print, cut  and laminate all parts of the snowman. Print out one snowman mat and snowman parts for each player. Using the snowman mat, players earn pieces to their snowman by correctly producing target  cards.

3.Decorate the tree – Print, cut and laminate parts of the Christmas tree decorations. Using the target cards, players earn decorations for their trees by correctly producing target words.

You can purchase this item HERE at my TPT store:)

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