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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Arctic Artic

Brrr. We are getting a cold front down here in Austin, Texas. For those of us that are not allowed to have Christmas-themed materials, I created a cold winter weather themed unit. I would like to present to you.. ( drum roll please )... Arctic Artic! Even though it has multi-syllabic words and reads more as a phonological unit, but who's really

Arctic Artic Unit contains winter-themed articulation words arranged by sound. Including:

-1 point system card to play “war” type game
-1 sentence mat
-1 sheet of title cards for organization of target cards
-126 target cards arranged by sound:
  -18 k & g target cards
 -24 s & z target cards
  -24 s blend target cards
 -12 r blend target cards
  -24 vocalic r target cards
  -24 multi-syllabic word target cards
-24 data/homework sheets: 4 sheets for each target sound

You can find this chilly unit in my TPT store HERE

Thank you for all of your support!!

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