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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Holy Moly! This mega unit contains my Arctic Artic and Arctic Language units all wrapped into one neat "little" zip file !

You save $1.51 by purchasing this mega unit!!

Please make sure you have the necessary program to unzip the file before downloading.

-1 point system card to play “war” type game
-1 sentence mat
-1 sheet of title cards for organization of target cards
-126 target cards arranged by sound:
-18 k & g target cards
-24 s & z target cards
-24 s blend target cards
-12 r blend target cards
-24 vocalic r target cards
-24 multi-syllabic word target cards
-24 data/homework sheets: 4 sheets for each target sound

1. Multiple Meaning Words – Build a snowman by matching the multiple meaning word with the two possible meanings.
2. Fireside Categories – 2 ways to play: 1. Match the items (logs) with the category (fireplace) 2. Tell items from the category to add logs to your fire.
3. Polar Opposites – Match the polar bear antonyms.

You can purchase this mega unit at a discounted price HERE!

Or, find the mini units below:

Arctic Artic

Arctic Language

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