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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turkey Tuesday!

Today I want to share a quick and easy therapy idea that I use EVERY November! I am not the most artistic so please no judgment on the lopsidedness of my turkey. Please see below:

I wrote Thanksgiving and Fall themed vocabulary words on the leaves next to the turkey to use with kiddos who have description goals and for the articulation kiddos to find their speech sound. We then write those words down on our turkey feathers at the word/short phrase/sentence level.

To make the feathers, I simply cut feathers out of red, yellow and orange construction paper for the kiddos to write down therapy targets on. Easy data collection moment! 

Here some kiddos are working hard on their feathers. They must say them back to me (data collection) in order to put them up on the turkey!

I let the kiddos choose where on the turkey they want their feathers, so here the feathers are favoring the turkey's right side, we still have about 10 more feathers to add to our turkey, he is a work in progress.

That one red feather is driving me a little crazy sticking all out there on it's own. :) 

Don't have a bulletin board in your room? But you do have a white board? Here is how I made a whiteboard turkey last year!  
There's always that one kid who wants their feather on the turkey's head. Trust me, it'll happen. 
You can see last year's Thanksgiving post HERE!

Hopefully you can use this simple Thanksgiving Bright Idea!

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  1. I love this "bright idea!" see what I did there? ;)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for December! I am just hooked on this blog!

    Happy Turkey Tuesday!