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Thursday, November 7, 2013

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Leaves Companion Unit

Happy Friday Eve! 

It's starting to get colder around here, which means the leaves are falling! Yay! Fall is by far my favorite time of year. What better way to celebrate fall than with a mega speech & language companion packet for "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves"! 

This mega-unit includes activities for both speech and language! Including:
1. Feed the Old Lady -The Old Lady is hungry! Feed her the items from the story as you are reading it! This activity can also be used to retell the story after it’s been read.
2. Cause & Effect Sorting -2 Cause & Effect sorting mats ;13 Cause & Effect cards from the story; 22 fall-related Cause & Effect cards; 1 blank card to create your own! Put all the cards in a pile. Have the students draw a card and determine whether it is a ‘Cause’ or an ‘Effect’. This can be used for data collection as an independent activity, or played as a game!
3. Comprehension Questions -12 comprehension questions from the story
4. Story Retell in pictures & sentences- Retell the story with pictures of the items that the old lady swallowed. Put the items in the correct order.
-Sequence events from the story in the correct order. Cut out the  14 sentences and arrange by the order in which the events took place in the story.
5. Comprehension & Articulation Sort -2 sorting/articulation mats provided to use the target cards in sentences. “The old lady swallowed…” and “The old lady did not swallow…”
-7 items she swallowed; 10 items she did not
Put all of the cards in a pile. The student draws a card and sorts it by whether or not the old lady swallowed it in the story. Great for comprehension data and sentence completion and understanding negatives goals
6. Rhyme Time -14 Words that rhyme from the story. Create your own scarecrow! Match the shirt and the pants of rhyming words from the story! Add the pumpkin for the head of the scarecrow from words that rhyme with the pair that are not from the story.
7. Old Lady Articulation – 33 target words from the story, arranged by sounds: /s/, /z/, /l/, /th/, and /r/.
8. Word Hunt - Using the pictures from the story, go on a hunt by finding these words written and pictured in the story! 49 words pictured in the story and 33 words written in the story.
9. Articulation Homework - List some things the old lady swallowed with your good speech sound.
- Word lists arranged by sound from the story; /s/, /z/, /l/, /th/, /r/
10. Language Homework - Draw/write what happened at the beginning/middle/end of the story
- Number the items in order of when the old lady swallowed them.
- Create your own ‘Old Lady” story!

 You can purchase this mega-unit from my TPT store, HERE

Thanks for your amazing support! 

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