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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SIlly Articulation Scenes!

Hump Daaaaaay!

To liven up this hump day, I wanted to share some silly articulation scenes that I created!

This unit includes articulation word lists and pictured scenes for R, S, L, R blends, S blends and L blends. 108 articulation target words are represented. 2 sentence mats are provided to use the words in sentences. Intended for students working on their target sound at the word or sentence level.

How to use:
Print and laminate the unit. Give the pictured scene to the student. Have the student verbally label the items they see, according to their target speech sound. Use dry erase markers to check off each word the kiddo says correctly. Or, have the student check off words they hear while you/another student labels items from the scene.

Can be used for kiddos with language goals/objectives by playing "I spy" and having the student describe a chosen item. Many ways to play!

You can find this unit at my TPT store HERE!

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