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Monday, November 25, 2013

Rainy Day Language Edition

It's raining yet again in Austin, Texas. So today seems like the perfect day to share the last installment in my Rainy Day Series.

Cloudy Comparisons - 2 sets of 12 cloud cards (24 total); 1 venn diagram. Compare and contrast the clouds game! Put all the cards into a pile, have the students draw a card. Here are some ways you can play this game:
1.) Go Fish type of game: target both expressive and receptive language by dealing the cards 5 to a student. Then have a student ask “Do you have a     (insert cloud description here)   .” Or, you could target your artic kiddos at the sentence/structured conversation level by having them describe & define the clouds using their good speech sounds.
2.) Guess the cloud: One student draws a card and describes the cloud they have drawn. Either you have one of each clouds lined up for the other students to see and match the described card, OR, your other students draw the card the first student is describing. Whoever’s drawing best matches the original cloud, gets to draw the next card and describe. 

Pouring Pronouns (he/she/they) 18 pronouns cards; 3 pronoun mats. Oh no! It’s pouring pronouns! Have your students draw a card and use the correct pronoun pictured on the card (he/she or they). For every correct answer, they earn an umbrella to protect them from the pouring pronouns, but get one wrong OR draw a storm card, and lose your umbrellas! The student with the most umbrellas at the end of the game, wins! Here are some prompts for this game:
            1.What is he/she doing?
            2.Who is holding the umbrella (SHE is).

Windy WH questions. 30 WH cards (6 of each: who, what, where, when, why). Put the cards into one pile. Answer the weather-related WH questions.
C         Dreary Descriptions - Match the lightning bolt items with their cloudy category! Mix up the cards and have each student draw a card. They can either guess the category (cloud) from the lightning bolt (item), or the categories (clouds) can be laid out in front of them to sort them in their appropriate category.

Weather Idioms. 30 cards (15 idioms; 15 descriptions)  Separate the cards into two piles, idioms (rainbows) and meanings (clouds). Match the description with the weather-related idiom.

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