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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Merry Christmas, Splat! Language Companion Packet

Here is a langauge literacy unit for the story Merry Christmas, Splat! By Rob Scotton. I absolutely love this story! So many teachable moments for our kiddos on the spectrum, or who present with language impairments. 

The packet I created includes:
1. Vocabulary:4 vocabulary worksheetsVocabulary Match – 22 vocabulary words and 22 definitions. Match the words with the definition.
2. Comprehension:
comprehension questions Total:-20 discussion questions from the story.-6 emotion-related questions from the story.-2 Blank cards to add your own questions.
Story Retell Beginning, Middle and End Worksheet
3. Story Sequence:
-10 Events from the story. Print and cut out each section. Have your students arrange the events in sequential order.

-3 Sorting Mats: Beginning, Middle and End. Sort the sequences event cards into the appropriate part of the story.

You can purchase this product HERE at my TPT store :)

Thanks for being you!

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