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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grocery Store Receptive, Expressive & Pragmatic Language Unit.

Everyone needs to go grocery shopping with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This packet is related to social scenarios, listening skills and sorting items needed for your trip to the grocery store.


Inferences:  Print out the blue and green grocery lists. Your mom left you a grocery list, but you don’t know what it is for! Use your predictions skills to infer about what the list may be used for.
Category Sort: Print out the food cards and organization Sort the grocery items into their respective grocery carts. Categories include: Fruits, Breakfast Foods,
Junk Foods, Vegetables, Dairy, and Condiments.
Listening Lists: Print out the grocery bag and grocery cart mat. Print out multiple copies of the food items. One player/SLP reads the grocery list. The other player listens and puts the items heard into the grocery cart. Pink lists= related items; Orange lists = unrelated items. After the player 1 reads the list, player 2 adds the items into their grocery bag or grocery cart. The player with the most correct items in their bag/ cart, wins!

Grocery Store Pragmatics: 22 social scenarios related to a trip to the grocery store. Answer how you should respond in certain situations.

You can purchase this mega unit HERE

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