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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Speech Tree

Happy Hump Day! This week in therapy we have been creating a "speech tree" with colorful fall leaves. The kiddos love these activities and I love them because they're free and easy! Best words in the English language right there ;). All you need for the speech tree is a large piece of brown paper for the trunk, scissors and colorful construction paper for the leaves. Easy!

This activity is also super easy to get data on your kiddos. For those kiddos working on articulation, simply give them a word list or picture cards (we've been using my Fall Frenzy Unit) and have them practice their words!  If correct, they get to write them down on the leaf or draw pictures of their target words. For language kiddos, the same type of thing. Essentially this is drill and kill, with a little fun added in there. Once we are finished, we go to the speech tree (outside of my room see picture below for the AWESOME pink tiles) and using great speech sounds and spatial concepts, (whatever their goals are), they must tell me where on the speech tree they want their leaf! That way, they can pick it out and show their friends as they walk past my room! Here is the most recent picture of the speech tree... many more leaves will be added today!

Hope your kiddos will enjoy this free and easy bright idea!

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