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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rainy Day Articulation

Only in Texas would we have rainy days in the middle of Fall. Being from Canada, I am used to SNOW at this time of year, not rain! Anyway, last weekend it was a rainy one so I got the inspiration to create a Rainy Day Speech and Language 

This articulation packet includes target cards for the following sounds:
Thundering TH words
36 voiced /th/ cards
36 voiceless /th/ cards
Lightning L words
36 L cards all word positions
Rainy R words
36 R cards (12 prevocalic; 24 vocalic)
Stormy S words
36 S cards, all word positions
Rainy Day Articulation Game Cards.

You can purchase this packet in my TPT store, HERE!

Thank you for your support!!!


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