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Monday, October 28, 2013

Monster Mania!

Today in therapy we are creating our own silly/spooky monsters!! These are easy and cheap to create (the best kind!). All you need is some velcro, scissors and construction/colored paper.

We created and organized the monster parts according to body parts, as seen below:

Here are some of the final products:

These monsters were great and multi-functional because they can target just about every kiddo on my caseload! Some of the targets we worked on were:
-following directions from adults
-following directions from peers
-giving directions to peers
-descriptions of monsters (size, color, shape, emotions, etc.)
-identifying emotions based on smiling, not smiling, sad face, etc.
-reinforcement for correct articulation of target words
-ask for specific body parts using "good speech sounds"
-spatial concepts
-social skills: turn-taking, requesting, etc.

And many more!

Hope you will be able to use this bright idea :)

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