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Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Frenzy - Articulation Unit

Monday, fun-day! Hope everyone is enjoying Columbus Day! In my home country of Canada, it is Thanksgiving! Of course, I am being a good SLP and working hard today, no day off for me!  BUT I am the lucky person who gets to celebrate twice! 
I couldn't resist getting in the thanksgiving spirit by creating a Fall Frenzy packet for articulation, including fall and thanksgiving related vocabulary words.

This packet includes the following:

-Rake in your R Words Games: Correctly produce the /r/ words and "rake" them into your leaf pile. The student with the most leaves at the end of the game, wins!
Rake Game Includes:
27 vocalic /r/ words
27 /r/ blend words
18 prevocalic /r/ words

-I see…. activity. Verbally label the /r/ words you see in the picture.

-20 sentences containing /r/ in different positions. Sentences increase in complexity. 

-Gather your apples! Correctly produce /s/z/ and /l/ words too add them to your apple basket. The student with the most apples at the end, wins! Apples are arranged by sound and color, including:
27 /l/ words in all word positions
27 /s/,/z/ words in all word positions

You can find this unit in my TPT store, HERE!

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