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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bright Idea: Speech Skeletons

Happy first day of October!!!!!! I saw this awesome idea for a skeleton craft at Rainbows Within Reach! I couldn't resist using them in therapy, I mean, come on. Skeletons? What a more perfect /s/ blend and multi-syllabic word!

I had the kiddos request their item in order to create their skeleton. Then, we came up with Halloween/Monster themed words containing their speech and and wrote them on their bones! For language kiddos, depending on their goals I had them write down (or I wrote down) answers to WH questions, had them describe a skeleton, some kiddos with fluency goals wrote fluency strategies on their bones, and my kiddos with social skills wrote down expected & unexpected behaviors while trick-or-treating.  The smiley speech skeletons were then hung out around the room. Lots of fun!

I also created a homework page you can use to send home to supplement basic speech and language skills. I sent this home with my preschool and kinder  and 1st grade friends.  The rest of the kiddos wrote down their target words/concepts to practice!

You can download the homework freebie at my TPT store HERE!

Hope you can use this simple and easy Skeleton craft bright idea in your speech room!

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