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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Speech Data/Homework Folder

I am a total advocate of the "Speech Folder" as we call them at my school. I love how you can communicate with parents, show evidence of learning and document progress all in one little folder! I went to Wal-mart and found folders with brads for relatively cheap. I bought enough for my kiddos and extras for my ever-growing caseload. I started out the year with 3 pieces of paper in their speech folders: 1.) A Speech Contract, 2.) A Homework Tracking/Parent Communication Sheet and  3.)A Goal Progress Sheet.

1.) Speech Contract:
I created a speech contract that I have been using with my students this year. I felt like I really wanted my students to know why they were in speech. I asked them at the beginning of the year, very few kiddos knew why they were coming to this awesome speech room every week. How can they make progress if they aren't listening for their speech sounds and trying to generalize to other environments? Major fail on my part! So I created this speech contract below:
Very simple, nothing too fancy. I added a parent line, SLP signature line and the teacher signature line and I explained to the students that we are a team. We are all in this together. We are going to work together as a team to help you meet your goals! Of course I have other incentives for them to meet their goals, but thats for another blog post.

2.) A Homework Tracking/Parent Communication Sheet:
I wanted a quick and easy way to show parents that "Yes, I am seeing your child" and "Here's how you can help them". I created this form so I could right a quick note to parents if needed, or just a simple "R homework page" so they knew what to look for in the folder.
The parents can initial when the homework is complete, or they have space to add a little note or question if needed. It's been working great so far! 

3.) A Goal Progress Sheet:
I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!   Since kiddos in my district are using graphs and learning about how to graph data,  I thought it would be fun to have them track their own progress! I printed this form out double-sided for kiddos with more than 3 goals, and the last 5 minutes of the session our "data time". We go over how they did in terms of percentage (if they weren't already aware or taking their own data) and then they get to color in how well they did. 
So far this has been a huge reinforcement for my kiddos, trying to get up to that 70 or 80% mark 3 times in a row! Plus it's a great visual for both parents and kiddos to see how they are progressing.

You can find this speech folder startup kit at my TPT store HERE

Thank you so much for your support! 

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