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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pirate Theme - Welcome to Arrrrgh Speech Room!

This past month I had a Pirate Theme in my Speech Room! My kiddos always seem to love this theme, and since there are a lot of /r/ kiddos on my caseload, it is so easily worked into therapy this way!

I always like to incorporate a bulletin board craft into my themes because the kids love their work displayed! Being a pirate theme, I went with the treasure chest idea and ran with it.
I cut out yellow circles for gold coins and diamond shapes in different colors. The kiddos had to request which item they wanted using their "good speech sounds". Then, they were instructed to go on a treasure hunt and find words with their sounds in it to write down! For my language kiddos, depending on their goals, I had them describe pirate items by telling the category, function, and features.
You can use this free activity I created to supplement for the language kiddos! It can be found in my TPT store HERE! Finally, using spatial concepts, the kids had to describe where on the board they wanted me to put their jewels. Top? Bottom? Below? Above? You get the idea. 

I love the story How I Became A Pirate  and so do my students! I created a literacy unit for this story that can you download for free HERE at my TPT store! 

I also created some homework pages with a pirate theme for you to purchase from my TPT store! 

You can find them HERE

Hope you enjoy your pirate theme!!!! 

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