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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Halloween Speech & Language Unit

Oh hi there! Haven't seen you in a while! Well, I'm back in action! Today I wanted to share with you my Halloween Speech & Language Unit! I tried to create something multi-functional that can be used in your speech room AND used to be sent home for homework. Hopefully you will find this unit useful! 

Included in the unit is:

Language Unit: 
Pages 2-4 Who am I? - Guess the Halloween Costume using clues.

Pages 5-7: Where in the World is Midnight the Cat? Using prepositions and descriptions try to find out where Midnight the cat is before Halloween night!

Pages 8-9: Supplemental Board Game and Cards

Pages 10-13: Halloween Scene Barrier Game

Pages 14-17: Ooey-Gooey Speech Spell! Help the friendly witch create her ooey-est gooey-est spell ever! Add descriptive words to her recipe. Then create your own recipe for a spooky spell. Finally, compare and contrast your spell with a friends'. What's the same? What's different? 

Speech Unit:
Pages 19-20: Pictured multi-syllabic words used to elicit for non-readers.

Pages 21-24: Fill your trick-or-treat bag – Have your student’s correctly produce the multi-syllabic words in order to fill your treat bag with candies! Candies are color-coded; orange = 3 syllables, purple = 4 syllables. Syllable Mats are provided for visual/tactile cues. A sentence strip is also included for those working at the sentence level. Some sentences may not “make sense”. Example: “In my trick-or-treat bag I need….. mysterious”. Perfect time to incorporate some grammar/sentence structure. 

Pages 25-27: Spider Articulation - Help the spider get to the center of his web! Correctly produce your speech sounds to help the spider get home! Print out the spider web page, you can cut, laminate and put velcro on the spider web in the boxes and on the back of the sound cards for the kiddos to put their sounds on. This can be sent home for homework as well! Includes articulation words for /r/ blends, vocalic /r/, /s/ and /z/, and /l/.

Pages 28-30: S Blend Spooky Speech Spell – Create a spooky speech spell by correctly producing s blends (descriptive words and Halloween items). Sentence strips provided for your kiddos working at the sentence level. 

Hope you find this packet useful! You can find it in my TPT store HERE

Thank you!!!

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