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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Outer Space Theme: Speech & Language Planets!

Oh hey there! Today I am going to share a quick and easy way to make "planets" while simultaneously targeting speech-language therapy goals/objectives! Quick and Easy are two of my favorite words when it comes to therapy sessions. PLUS, the easiest therapy ideas seem to obtain the best responses from the kiddos!

I started by cutting out 3 different sizes of "planets" aka circles (use your imagination, here!) Then, I wrote a carrier sentence on the board. "For my ___(descriptive word)___ planet, I need a __(size)__, __(color)__ circle, please!" I made sure this sentence contained /r/, /l/ blends, and /s/, as these are the sounds I needed to target the most. The students had to come up with an adjective of how they wanted their plant to look (ie: scary, awesome, amazing) and then using their good speech, they had to ask me for a planet in the form of the sentence. Depending on their level, when they asked me using their speech sound correctly, they received a planet and were able to begin the activity (Data Collection Time!).

For some kiddos I used the target cards from my Outer Space Articulation packet found HERE. The kiddos grabbed their target cards, and began writing/drawing their target words on their planet. The example below is a planet I did with one of my preschools who was obviously working on /s/ blends. Since the target cards are all space vocabulary, I had my language kiddos take a card and use them in a sentence, add a descriptive word, or tell the function, feature, class of the word, depending on their goals/objectives.

 Once the artic kiddos were finished they had to line up to meet me at my desk and practice their words for me (Data Collection Time!) The language kiddos took a bit longer, I took my data after the fact when I looked at their planets. 

When they were finished, they had to use directional and spatial concepts to tell me where "in space" they wanted their planet. Most of my kiddos needed help with this concept. Generally, I gave them the words, such as: top, middle, bottom, above, below, next to, under, beside, right, left, etc. Once more planets were on the board, I had my older kiddos describe the planet they wanted their planet next to. For example, "I want my planet next to the small yellow planet in the middle of the board". (Data Collection Time!) 

This is what my board looked like after the first few sessions. The kiddos loved it and it was a BLAST for everyone involved (get it?)! Some of my kiddos opted to take their planets home to practice, but they had to promise to bring it back to decorate my therapy storage closet room!

Hope you are able to use this simple planet activity! 

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