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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wrapping up Ocean/Underwater Theme

This week I have wrapped up my beloved Ocean and Underwater theme. In order to go out with a bang, I decided to spend the first half of each therapy session drilling the kiddo's IEP goals. I usually worked with one kid individually for 3 minutes while the other kiddos finished up their fish tank project.

 The second half was spent practicing their "super hard sentences" (generally a tongue twister) for my artic kiddos, describing and defining ocean vocabulary words for expressive language kiddos and following complex abstract directions for my receptive language kiddos while we made sea monsters with the lights off and a flashlight. I cannot tell you enough how much my kiddos loved this AND how easy it was for me. Plus I obtained some great data! Win-Win in my books! Here are some pictures to document making our shadow "sea monsters":

Such a simple idea. Hope your students will love it as much as mine did! 
Until next year, Ocean/Underwater theme.....

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