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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bright Idea: Valentine's Speech Craft Idea!

Good morning! Today I am making fish (ocean theme) out of hearts for Valentine's day. See what I did there? I have created a sentence to use for kiddos working on articulation, fluency, language, etc. etc. You can really adapt it to fit your caseload's needs.

First, I cut out different sizes of hearts in red and pink paper. I cut out more red hearts, since my caseload is mostly boys - "pink is just not cool, Mrs. Palyu" - one of my boys said a few weeks ago. I cut the hearts in half for the fish "bodies".

Next, I cut out smaller hearts for the fins and tails.

Here is what the speech fish station looks like:

I used the carrier sentence:
 " For my speech fish, I need a ___(size)_____   ___(color)___  ___(fish body part)___, please!" You can adapt it however you see fit. For my preschoolers I will have them request the item of the fish they would like based on size, color, body part ("small/big red fin").

Then I will have the kiddos use their "good speech" and using spatial concepts, tell me where they want me to put their fish on the board, below. Still needs some seaweed, but you get the drift.. get it? drift? I'm a fan of lame puns, if you can't already tell :)

Of course, you could send the fish home with their speech words on it for homework!

UPDATE: Here are some of the finished products!

Hopefully you will find this bright idea useful for Valentine's day!


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