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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bright Idea: Jumping Jellyfish!

Continuing with my ocean theme, I decided to complete yet another craft, since my heart fish (found here) was such a hit for Valentine's day! I found this awesome jellyfish activity here at the awesome blog Simply Speech. I loved the jellyfish and knew my kiddos would too! I was right. In fact, they loved them so much most of them have asked to take them home instead of decorate my wonderful storage closet speech-therapy room :)

Here is one of my kiddos and I made together!

I adapted it for my language kiddos in the following ways:

- descriptive words: related to the jellyfish (floating, swimming, dancing, etc.) 
- ocean vocabulary: water, waves, salty, windy
   (bright idea: you could even have vocabulary words on the front of the tentacles and have the kiddos write the definitions of the words on the backside. So many ideas, so little time.)
- describe and define: category, features, parts, location
-irregular past tense verbs: one side has "today verbs" (ex: drive, run, tell); other side has "yesterday verbs" (ex: drove, ran, told).
-story retell: Following a story, the kiddos wrote down what happend in the beginning, middle, end of the story (for my lower level kiddos) and for the higher level kiddos we wrote down the story elements such as characters, setting, problem(s), attempts to solve the problems and the solution.
-following directions: written - I wrote down steps to make the jellyfish on my board and had the children follow them accordingly (The last one was to "stand up and yell 'I LOVE SPEECH', gotta keep entertained somehow!) 
-following directions: spoken - I verbally gave directions containing abstract concepts (ex: "before you glue on the tentacles, glue on one eye")

For some of my articulation kiddos working at the more complex  sentence level, we created a carrier sentence and wrote it on the jellyfish's head. The tentacles contained phrases with their respective speech sound. For example, " While scuba diving, I couldn't believe what I had found! I saw _______________"  some of the words we used for this kiddo working on the /r/ were: hermit crab, spider crab, shark, and then we came up with some adjectives to make the sentences fun: ravenous, raging, really, rapid, etc. etc. 

We had a blast! Hopefully you will too!