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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ocean Theme Song!

Charlotte Diamond is a genius. I remember singing her songs in Pre-school. Now, I share those songs with my pre-schoolers and they are obsessed. It's a healthy obsession, not to worry! One of their favorite songs is Octopus; which so nicely fits into our ocean theme. I use this book, which comes with a cd. The book has lesson ideas to supplement the song, along with sign language for the song, an SLP's heaven!  You can also download her songs on iTunes.
To supplement her wonderful songs, I found this awesome video created for ESL students.
I've sent the link home for that video to supplement kiddos who are working on the phonological processes of cluster reduction and stopping  since "slippery fish" is repeated about 707 times.

Hopefully you can use that bright idea!

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