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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

APP REVIEW: Whats the Pic Artic?

Well hey there fellow SLPs! I wanted to show you this awesome app from Luke over at Home Speech Home. If you're anything like me, you LOVE and I mean LOVE a quick and engaging therapy activity. Well, look no further. This app is alllll that and more!

Here are some random thoughts regarding this app:

Tablet. I would recommend using it on an iPad or larger tablet. While having it on a smartphone is handy for quick and easy practice, the pictures were fairly small for early learners and some of my students with visual impairments.

Microphone. Thats right, this app utilizes the microphone on your device as the student practice. Make sure you have microphone access to fully utilize this app. The voice recognition aspect is so cool! It is a little finicky, in that you have to say the word slowly, which isn't ideal for drill-type of practice but is perfect for sound practice! I have quite a few students who need to reduce their rate of speech, this was helpful.

Variety. This app has a variety of sounds (25 to be exact) in all word positions. I mean, even the ZH sound (as in measure)Um, yes please! Also, the number of trials per word vary from 1-5, which reduces the monotony of repeating words multiple times. I do wish there was an option to target a specific sound in all position of words, instead of one position at a time.

Wifi. The images need to be downloaded for the specific sounds. Make sure you are connected to wifi if you are using your personal device!

Feedback. There are multiple aspects of feedback with this app. First, visual feedback of the red/green circle around the student's picture was highly motivating for my students. They wanted to play again so that their circle could be "so green"! Next, the visual feedback of the bubbles slowly disappearing as they practice their sounds. Also, the feedback when you correctly guess the word!

Language. This is also helpful for targeting some language goals; specifically inferring. I used this app in a group of both articulation and language kiddos and had the students with inferencing goals guess the picture as the bubbles start to disappear. This was challenging for some of my early learners, in fact I even had a difficult time answering this one. I used a hint! Which is another impressive feature of this app.

Exhibit A. Initially, I guessed student for this picture. Then I used the hint feature and it became a game of hang-man. The hint was " _ _ _" Which then I guessed "ask" and it was correct. Please tell me you would've had trouble with that one too!?

 Here is the report view of the app:

 Email. This might be one of my favorite aspects of this app. You can view and email a report of the students progress! This is great to send to parents to show how their child is progressing in therapy. I have also had some parents ask about this app to buy it for their kids for extra practice.
Here is the email view of the app!

Overall, this app is a thumbs up in my book. Trust me, go get this app, save this app into your "favorites" folder and use it every day. Do it. Your students (and parents!) will thank you.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Therapy Plan: Back to School Books!

Well hello there! I've taken a much needed blogging break this past year.... I had a baby! A dang cute one at that! I'm a little biased, but c'mon.. those blue eyes?
Mr. Henson will be one years old on September 1st -  I figured it was time to get back into the swing of things! So, here we are. Back together at last. Did you miss me? It's okay, I missed you too.

Anyway, lets chat about back to school! I don't know about you, but I cringe when I see back to school commercials and school supplies in target in JULY. Come on people, It's JULY. Then, August comes around and I find myself giddily planning therapy and reorganizing my therapy room in my head.

Here are a few therapy ideas to get you started for the first few weeks of school! (this post contains affiliate links for convenience)

Let's talk about speech contracts.  Have you used them in therapy? I LOVE SPEECH CONTRACTS! It's a great way to get the students involved with their goals and objectives. I also have the a signature line for the parents and teachers. We are all on team (enter student's name here) so let's all work toward his/her speech-language goals! I always ask my students "Why are you in speech?". It always shocks me how many students don't know what they are working on/why they are in speech. Now that's on me. I need to ensure these students are aware of their speech and language goals so they don't forget about their goals the second they walk out of the speech room.
Take a look at the speech contract below:

I have them available in my Back To School Speech Survival Kit that you should probably take a look at if you know whats good for you. You can find it at my TpT store, HERE! 

How have you planned for back to school? I am secretly counting down the days! 

Friday, July 31, 2015

What's in Your Cart? Back to School Linky!

Okay guys, deep breaths. I said it. Back to school. BACK TO SCHOOL???? I am cringing as I type this! The summer is never long enough, is it? I'm also going to be having my first baby this back to school season so I am just a little terrified! Our little man is due Labor Day Weekend (how ironic, right?) so for this back to school sale, my cart isn't filled with back to school items, since I might not be back at work until Christmas time. CRAZY!

I'm linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for a fun What's in your Cart Linky for the Back to School Sale on TPT!

Before I get into what's in my cart.. here's what should be in your cart from my TPT Store! Everything in Bright Ideas SLP store will be 20% off during the sale August 3rd and 4th!

S Blends  - Let's Make a Smoothie! 

Organized SLP Back to School Unit!
Here's the mustard yellow color scheme                                   

and here is the cool tones color scheme

If you're looking for some mega deals on bundles, check out these two that will be over 20% off!

Now here is what's in my cart for this amazing sale!

Thanks for taking a peek at my cart. Enjoy the upcoming sale, I can't wait!!! Happy Shopping :) 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What's in my Cart Linky Party And TpT SALE!!!!

Happy TpT SALE DAY!!!!! I don't k now you about, but I always stack my Wish List on TpT for times just like these! Today and Tomorrow (5/5/-5/6) you can get TpT products for up to 28% off! Don't forget to use the Promo Code ThankYou to receive some mega savings!

I am linking up with Jenna over at Speech Room News for a "Whats in Your Cart" Linky!

First, here are some things from my store that you should have in YOUR TpT cart: 

Gardening for Speech & Language Mega Unit! This Unit combines Articulation, Language and S Blends/and Multi-Syllabic Words for a bundle of mega savings!!!! Perfect for those May spring gardening units!

Next up we have an Ice Cream Articulation and Phonology Mega Unit! Again, it is bundled for some mega savings! This makes me want some ice cream....

Here is a No Print Version of Gardening for S Blends. Just download, send it to yourself and enjoy on your ipad for no print, no prep!

Looking for a quick and easy No print Phonology Unit with a spring-theme? Well look no further! Here it is with  28% discount just for you!

Now, here is what's in my cart for the TpT Sale!!

R Initial & R Blend Flip Books by The Dabbling Speechie

/S,L,R/ Blends Interactive Articulation Flip Books by The Dabbling Speechie

/K,G/ Interactive Flipbooks by   The Dabbling Speechie


 Interactive Flipbook: Making Social Inferences           by the Dabbling Speechie

                                                                                   Articulation Carry-Over Activities by Lauren         LaCour


Summer Preschool Speech and Language Packet:      Learning Through Play by Jenna Rayburn

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog: Speech & Language Story Activities by Simply Speech


Thanks for stopping by! Happy shopping!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Getting To Know Your Favorite Online SLPs [Linky Party]

Natalie Snyders is hosting a Getting to Know Your Favorite Online SLPs Linky Party! Yay! Thanks Natalie!

Who Am I?
I am Whitney Palyu and I live in Austin Texas with my husband and crazy dog, Turbo. We are expecting our first little kiddo, a baby boy, in early September!! We are excited, nervous and not exactly sure what we are getting ourselves into :)  I was born and raised in Canada, moved to Minot, North Dakota for my Bachelor's and then ended up in sunny El Paso, Texas for my Master's. I'm a long way from home but LOVE living in Austin working as a school-based SLP for the past 5 years!

What Do I Offer? 
My motto is  "Making your day, and your therapy, a little brighter!". My goal is to compile and create  quick, easy and fun therapy activities you can use with your entire caseload!  You can find a variety of thematic therapy activities here on my blog and on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can also follow me on Instagram @BrightIdeasSLP to follow my daily shenanigans!

My Dream Job?
My favorite population is the itty bitty preschoolers. I think my dream job would be a speech/language intensive preschool classroom! I would love to create a speech/language thematic curriculum focused on way too many crafts, stories, songs, and movement!

3 of My Favorite Things?
1. Tacos. I reeallly love tacos. Breakfast tacos, lunch tacos, dinner tacos, dessert tacos. All the tacos.
2. Family. Living far away from my family has only made me miss them even more! But I am beyond excited to start my new little Texan family.
3. Nature. Maybe it's growing up in the Canadian prairies that makes me enjoy every possible waking moment outside. I love kayaking, biking, hiking, walking, sitting outside, eating outside, drinking coffee outside and- well, I'm currently outside typing this as we speak....... see?

Who Else Should You Know?
Now this is a tough one. There are so many great SLPs out there on the interweb. One SLP you should definitely get to know is The Speech Owl. Go get her freebie No Print Pronouns! You won't be disappointed! 

Hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little bit more about me :)

Earth Day Freebie Round Up!

Happy Earth Day!! It's state testing week down here in Texas, so last week was my Earth Day...Week.  I wanted to share some of the quick and easy activities I used with my students!

Here is mine! Earth Day Articulation - Prevocalic , Vocalic and R Blends 

Earth Day Articulation by Teach Speech 365

Earth Day Challenge By Peachie Speechie


Earth Day Social Problem Solving By Super Power Speech


Earth Day Mini Book Freebie By The Speech Chicks

We also made earths out of construction paper where the students could write down words containing their sounds, earth day vocabulary, responses to Earth Day Social Problem Solving Activity, and so on. Quick, easy and FUN! You really can't go wrong.

Have you used any of these activities yet? If not, go download them and get them ready for Earth Day tomorrow!!